December 17, 2007

linguistic anchoring?

ok, so i've been interested in the relationship between language/text and image , and have offered comments pertaining to Barthes' concept of "anchoring" of the "floating chains of signifieds" of a visual image by a linguistic message. The 'PROPS' skits on Whose Line is it Anyway offer ways to witness the interaction and maneuvering between linguistic message and visual image. The prop itself conveys more than there is in words, yet words limit the interpretation of what the prop is to be considered as, by directing our attention and analysis.

Try this: either turn off the sound OR close your eyes and only listen to the audio the first time you play the video.

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Meg said...

I actually think you need both to tell the complete story (obvioulsy). I viewed it without listening to it first, and although I got some of it, it was much funnier per se, when I had the sound turned on. I thought both teams were actually very clever in their use of props.