September 5, 2007

Comment on Doisneau, Eisenstaedt, and Berger

In the photograph (smaller one) known as the Kiss by the Hotel de ville, as taken by Doiseneau, as mentioned in the readings from last week, this photographer made his living by selling emotion. This photograph was actually posed with actors and taken in 1950. In comparison, the larger photo, taken by photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt, was shot in 1945 and he did not know the subjects. I think both images display what Berger is quoted as saying as "men act and women appear"...and that "...thus she turns herself into an object- and most particualary an object of vision: a sight." This is more obvious in the Eisenstaedt photo since the sailor is kissing a nurse, complete in a white uniform, who could be seen as a whole host of symbols.

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